Roy's Vision

Roy Rabold’s Vision for the FCBOE

I plan to:

 Ensure the highest quality of education. Not all students are going to college and we must provide a quality education for all students.

 Provide equity of education for all students across our county. 

 Actively support our teachers. Make sure we continue with teacher training and the use of technology resources.

Maintain county fiscal responsibility with taxpayer money. I understand the responsibility to be a good steward of these funds and the importance of holding our school administrators accountable for the projects funded by taxpayer dollars. You have recently passed an ESPLOST to make sure the quality education in Fayette County continues. I plan to represent you in that expectation.

Encourage parents’ participation in their child’s education.

Support a Triangle of Success: Schools, Parents, and Students working together for student success.

Encourage critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication skills enhancement.

Ensure a safe and healthy environment, conducive to learning for all students.